I'M A CREATIVE UX and UI designer living in Leamington Spa, UK

During my academic background in history I developed a passion for researching and story telling. The ability to creating visual representations for those stories came with my visual design studies where I evolved a strong desire for functionality and structure.

Working with various startup and corporate clients I gained deep experience in UX design and UI design and my strength became creating digital products, websites and design for mobile devices.

Working with customers I help them to find the best way to tell their stories to their audiences by merging aesthetics and functionality in order to create visual products that actually matter.


Concepts & Visualizing ideas

It all starts with mapping ideas and requirements which is followed by a research and creation of personas. Then creating mockups and wireframes to define user journey and followed by making clickable prototypes.

Designing interface

Wireframes and prototypes transform into actual user experiences through designing user interfaces. Aesthetics and functionality complement each other to achieve the overall purpose of the digital product.

Improving UX

User experience is an essential part of the service/product nowadays. Creating optimal user experiences starts with the value proposition. After that comes accessibility - ease of reach and usability - how easy a product is to use.